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TM 10-5411-232-13&P CARGO BED COVER (CBC) M105A2 TRAILER, TYPE II 0010 00 SERVICE UPON RECEIPT       WARNING Safe loading of the CBC requires two personnel.  Stay clear of the unit while lifting, as serious injury can result if unit swings or drops and hits personnel. Open both ventilators to allow fresh air to be circulated.  If electronic equipment is to be used inside the CBC, determine if electrical power will be supplied from the road side or curb side of the CBC.  Open the access plate facing the power source by rotating it counterclockwise. When opened, the access plate will be suspended by a lanyard attached inside the CBC. INSTALLATION Attach CBC to a lifting device by hooking onto the four lift rings and set CBC onto an M105A2 Trailer.   Open CBC upper and lower doors.  Locate the eight pre-drilled holes on the CBC, four on each side.   Using these holes as a template, drill through into the side of the M105A2 Trailer. Remove the kit installation hardware (P/N 104245) supplied and located in a bag attached to the 24”   ladder.  Using this hardware, attach CBC to M105A2 Trailer as follows and refer to CBC Installation illustration. a.    Insert four screws (2) and four flat washers (4), on one side of the CBC, from the outside through the M105A2 Trailer and the CBC.  From inside of CBC, attach four rubber gaskets (5), four flat washers (4) and four self-locking nuts (3).   Hand tighten. b.    Repeat a. above for other side of CBC. c.    Securely tighten all eight nuts (3). Lift Ring 0010 00-2


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