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TM 10-5411-232-13&P CARGO BED COVER (CBC) M105A2 TRAILER, TYPE II 0010 00 SERVICE UPON RECEIPT THIS WORK PACKAGE COVERS: Unpacking, Assembly and Preparation for Use, Installation INITIAL SETUP: Maintenance Level Personnel Required Unit Forklift Operator   Tools and Special Tools 2 Personnel (Non MOS specific) Wrench, 9/16” Socket Philips #3 screwdriver   1-Ton Lifting Device 1-7/32” Allen Wrench UNPACKING The CBC is shipped as a complete, self-contained assembly.  The CBC is bolted to a wooden pallet compatible with 463L specifications.  It is attached to the pallet with eight screws, eight rubber gaskets, sixteen flat washers and eight nuts. Using socket wrench on the inside of the CBC and combo wrench on the outside of the pallet, remove hardware. Save hardware in a plastic bag for future use in reshipment. CHECKING UNPACKED EQUIPMENT Inspect the equipment for damage incurred during shipment. If the equipment has been damaged, report the damage on SF 361, Transportation Discrepancy Report. Check the equipment against the packing slip to see if the shipment is complete.  Report all discrepancies in accordance with applicable service instructions (e.g. for Army instructions, see DA PAM 738-750)    ASSEMBLY AND PREPARATION FOR USE The CBC requires an installation kit to be installed onto an M105A2 Trailer.  It is installed as a complete unit.  No assembly is required. Remove the pallet from the CBC by removing eight bolts, nuts and washers. Save this hardware for later use in reshipment.  Attach a lifting device capable of lifting at least 1 ton to each of the four lift rings located near the top corners of the CBC, and remove from pallet. 0010 00-1


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