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TM    10-4930-251-12&P 4-11. Hose  Replacement. a.     Removal b.     Inspection c.    Cleaning, d.     Installation INITIAL SET-UP Tools Tool    Kit,    General    /Mechanic's   (Appendix B,  Section    III,   Item   2) Materials Cleaning    Solvent    (Appendix E,  Section    II,   item    1) Rags,   Wiping     (Appendix E,  Section    II,   item   3) General     Safety    Instructions WARNING Do  not  smoke   or  use open   flaine   within     50  feet  of  tank  fuel   dispensing    unit. a.    Removal. (  1) Move   fuel   flow    control lever   ( 1, Figure    2-1  )  to  OFF. (2) Position a  suitable container or  drip    panl under   point   where   hose   is  to  be disconnected. (3) Hose  assembly (4,   Figure    4-10 ) is  used  to  connect   the   tank   to  the   Dispensing Unit Fuel   Manifold. (a) Detach   Coupling,    on  hose  (4),   from   tank   bottom    loading    valve   (3,   Figure   4-5) and  coupling (3,  Figure    4-10)   from    dispensing unit   fuel   manifold (12   Figure   4-10),    remove    hose. 12 18 18 15 Figure    4-10 Interconnecting Hose   Assembly. 4-13


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