Quantcast Figure 2-2 "Dispensing Unit Operating Components

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TM   10-4930-251-12&P 2-3.    Operator's     Components. Hose(5,   Figure 2-2)   is  connected to  tile   front    of the      Unit bottom loading,  valve    ( 12,  Figure   2-2)   and   nozzle   (6,   Figure    2-2)is connectedto hosefor dispensingfuel. Whenthe lever_ispushed    _(OFF or CLOSED)position), the bottomloading   valve at thetankcloses.stopping fuel flow. The lever is shown_ inthe OFF orCLOSED positionin Figure 2-1. 2-2 Figure 2-2 "DispensingUnit Operating Components" Section II. OPERATORPREVENTIVEMAINTENANCECHECKS AND SERVICES 2-4.    General. 2-4. OperatorPMCS are performedto ensure thatthe tank andgravityfed  dispensingunitis ready for operation . Performthe checks and servicesat specified intervals . a. Before youoperate,alwayskeep in mind   theWARNINGSand CAUTIONS. Performyour before (B) PMCS. b. While youoperate,alwayskeep in mind  theWARNINGSandCAUTIONS. Performyour during (D) PMCS. c. After youoperate,performyour after (A) PMCS . d. If yourequipmentfails to operateproperly,refer to Unit   Maintenance . Reportany deficienciesUsingtile properform.See DA PAM738-750,The Army MaintenanceManagementSystern (TAMMS). 2-2


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