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I T?vl   104930-251-12&p Ixah   det?iiitions  for  operatoricre\\   I’MC’S  511all be  classi tied  2s  ii)llo\\   h: Class  I Seepage  of  liquid  (as  indicated  by  \vetliess  or  discoloration)  not  gxxr  euougli  to  hrm  drcups. Class   If Leaks  ot‘  liquid  great enough to form  drc)ps but not  e~iough  to  cause  drops  to  drip  or run  t‘rom   tlic   faulty  area. Class   111 Leaks  of  liquid  great  enough  to  form  drops  that  fall or run or collect iii  puddlch    near I;llllt     ;1rea. Class   IV L.eaks  from  under  the tank.  Slio\\~ii by either dampness of  the area around  the  tank. or  the L   olume  ot‘  liquid  in  the  tank  less   than  it   should be. CAUTION . Equipment   operation   is   allowable   with   minor   leakage   (Class   I   or   Class   II). . When   operating   with   Class   1   or   II   leaks   continue   to   check   them   viswdly at   regular intervals. l Class   III   and   Class   IV   leak   should   be   reported   to   your   supervisor   or   unit   maintenance. e.   Paintim?   Touch-up   Gravity   Fed   Fuel   Dispensin,(7 Unit as needed. Refer to TM 43-O 139 for specific   painting   procedures. . NOTE Within  designated  intervals,  these  checks  are  to  be  performed  in  the  order  listed. If  the  equipment  must  be  kept  in  continuous  operation,  check  and  service   only  those items  that  can  be  checked  and  serviced  without  disturbing  the  operation.  Make  the complete  checks  and  services  when  the  equipment  can  be  shut  down. Table   2-l. OPERATOR  PREVENTIVE  MAINTENANCE  CHECKS  AND  SERVICES  (PMCS) Item to Itern Interval Check/ Procedure Not   Fully   Mission N O . Service Capable I Before   Hoses Check for leaks. breaks, cracks, cuts and worn areas. Hoses  are  leaking, Refer  leaking,  worn  or  damaged  hose  to  unit  maintenance war11   or  damaged. 2 Before    Nozzle Check  nozzle  for  distortion,  corrosion  and  leaks.  Refer Nozzles   are   distorted, distorted,  leaking  or  corroded  nozzles  to  unit  maintenance leaking  or  corroded. 3 Before Ground Check  for  worn,  frayed  or  corroded  condition.  Refer Cable  is  worn,  frayed Cable worn,  frayed  or  corroded  cable  to  unit  maintenance. or  corroded. 2-4


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