Quantcast Section III  Technical Principles of Operation

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TM 10-3930-665-13&P Section III  Technical Principles of Operation 1-10  DRIVE OPERATION The  center  drive  system  consists  of  a  motor  unit,  a  drive  pulley,  the  take-up  roller,  several  idlers,  and  the  associated linkages.  As the motor turns, the center drive pulley is rotated by the chain, and causes the belt to move on the conveyor. The  take-up  roller,  and  idlers  are  used  to  keep  proper  tension  on  the  belt,  and  reduce  slippage.    Belt  tracking  can  be controlled by adjustment of tail pulleys and idlers. 1-11  LIFTER The  lifter  unit  allows  one  end  of  the  conveyor  to  be  elevated.    Cranking  the  lift  handle  clockwise  will  cause  the  lift mechanism to move the lift end of the conveyor upwards, cranking counterclockwise rotation will lower the conveyor.  This allows for easy and accurate positioning of the machine.  Maximum height is 118".  Maximum incline is 30 degrees. CAUTION: ENSURE   THAT   THE   LOCKING   PINS   ARE   REMOVED   FROM   THE   CONVEYOR BEFORE IT IS RAISED.  FAILURE TO DO SO MAY CAUSE EQUIPMENT DAMAGE. 1-12  CONTROLS The  start  switch,  stop  switch,  and  directional  selector  switch  are  the  only  controls  the  operator  need  be  concerned  with once the machine is properly setup.  The start switch will cause the conveyor to begin to move in the direction indicated by the directional selector switch.  Either stop button will cause the belt to immediately cease movement. 1-6


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