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TM 10-3930-665-13&P 1-9  SAFETY, CARE, AND HANDLING a.  Proper Operations and Daily Maintenance.  Procedures are vital to safe, reliable use of this type of mechanical equipment. b.      Notes,   Cautions,   and   Warnings.      The   various   procedures   described   in   this   manual,   and   the   NOTES, CAUTIONS, and WARNINGS, should be followed to prevent the possibility of equipment damage, and or operator danger. c.  Safety Guidelines: 1. Do not use this equipment for applications for which it is not intended. 2. Do not allow improperly trained personnel to operate this equipment. 3. Read and understand the operating procedures and safety precautions before operating the machine. 4. Always operate with all safety guards in place and in proper working order. 5. Do not leave machine unattended. 6. Be careful to ensure proper placement of the machine and lock all adjustment mechanisms. 7. Always keep hands, feet, and clothing free of moving parts. 8. Perform maintenance checks as required per the PMCS Schedule. 9. Always use extreme caution, and follow all safety procedures, as listed in this manual, when operating this machine. 1-5


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