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Identifier Code (DIC).  These requests will be edited for sufficient data to provide identification of higher supply levels. b. MHE repair parts that cannot be locally procured will be routed to DCSC, OCONUSN activities are not required to attempt local purchase. 3.3 REPAIR PARTS SUPPLY: General: The basic policies and procedures in AR710-2, DA PAM710-2-1 and DA PAM 710-2-2, as contained in the latest edition  off  Unit  Supply  Update",  are  generally  applicable  to  repair  parts,  management  for  Material  Handling  Equipment (MHE) items 3.4 SUBMITTING REPAIR PARTS REQUISITION: Unique or Specific Coding applicable to repair parts requisitions for this equipment is furnished in Tables 1 and 2 below Other entries should conform to normal AR 725-50 MILSTRIP codes and formats TABLE 1 NON-NSN REQUISITION FORMAT CARD COLUMN DESCRIPTION ENTRY CONUS OCONUS 1-3 Document Identifier AOB AO2 Code 4-6 Route Identifier S9C S9C Code 8-22 Part Number Enter the Federal Supply Code for the Manufacturer, followed by the Part Number. 54-56 Distribution Code: 54 Control Activity F AR 725-50 55-56 Weapon System to be provided C-8


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