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SECTION III REPAIR PARTS SUPPLY 3.1 GENERAL: a. The  basic  policies  and  procedures  in  AR710-2  "Unit  Supply  Update"  are  generally  applicable  to  repair  parts management for Material Handling Equipment (MHE) items. b. The technical manual does cross-reference repair parts to National Stock Numbers (NSN).  Use TM 10-3930-665- 13&P for repair parts to NSN 3.2 REQUISITIONING REPAIR PARTS: a. Preparation and Transmittal: (1) Requisitions will be prepared in the normal MILSTRIP format. (2) NSN Repair Parts.  Requisitions transmitted by AUTODIN for NSN repair parts will be automatically routed by  the  Defense  Automated  Addressing  Systems  (DAAS)  to  the  responsible  federal  supply  class  manager.    Automated processing (AUTODIN) of CAGE part number requisitions, without edit for matching NSNs is authorized. (3)   Non-NSN  Repair  Parts.    Requisitions  for  non-NSN  repair  parts  may  be  locally  procured  (CONUS  only)  or requisitioned  from  the  Defense  Construction  Supply  Center  (DCSC).    When  the  manufacturer’s  part  number  and  the CAGE exceed columns 8-22, prepare AO5 (OCONUS)/AOE (CONUS) requisition. (a) Project   codes   have   been   assigned   to   identify   non-NSN   repair   parts   requisitions   placed   on   the wholesale supply system. (b) For applicable codes and format to assist in requisitioning parts for materiel handling equipment mail requisitions to: Commander Defense Construction Supply Center ATTN: DCSC-OSR Columbus, OH 43215 (4) Non-AMDF  requests.    All  requests  for  NSN  items  not  in  the  AMDF  will  be  identified  by  an  assigned Document C-7


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