Quantcast CHAPTER 3 Maintenance Instructions

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TM 10-3930-665-13&P CHAPTER 3 Maintenance Instructions Section I  GENERAL MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES 3-1  GENERAL All maintenance such as lubrication and adjustments shall be performed only by authorized personnel.  It is important the machine longevity and operator safety that proper maintenance procedures be followed at all times.  If any safety devices are removed to facilitate adjustments, they must be replaced before power is applied to the conveyor. 3-2  DRIVE CHAIN ALIGNMENT AND TENSION The drive chain and sprockets should be periodically checked for proper tension and alignment.  Improperly adjusted drive components will cause excess wear, and accelerated failure. Adjustment Procedures: a. Ensure machine is not powered. b. Remove chain guard. c. Check sprocket alignment by placing a straight edge across the face of both sprockets.  (See Figure 3-1) Loosen set screws and adjust as needed.  Re-tighten set screws. FIGURE 3-1. 3-1


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