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TM 10-3930-665-13&P d. Chain tension is controlled with a spring tension unit which makes adjustment unnecessary The spring unit should be checked to be sure it is operating properly. e. Lubricate chain per lubrication instructions. f. Replace chain guard as not to interfere with the motion of the drive. 3-3  LUBRICATION Bearings: The bearings used are sealed and pre-lubricated.  No lubrication is required. Chain:  SAE-30 oil should be applied to the chain approximately every 40 hours of operation. Under harsh conditions, more frequent lubrication is recommended. Lift mechanism: Lubricate at fitting using extreme pressure grease (EPI) approximately every 40 hours of operation. Reducer: Check oil level every time conveyor is transported, and after every 100 hours of operation.  Change reducer oil every 2500 hours or 6 months, using AGMA Class 8 EP, NSN 9150-(,0-535-0660 or equivalent. CAUTION: See    the    Supplemental    Operating    Maintenance    and    Repair    Parts    Instructions (SOMARPI)  portion  of  this  manual  for  an  excerpt  from  DOD  Hazardous  Materials Information   System   DOD   6050.5-L   on   SAE   motor   oil.      There   is   a   chemical substance hazard associated with the use, storage, and disposal of SAE motor oil. 3-2


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