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TB 9-2330-336-14
6. Position hose reel frame cover bracket (4) (kit 57K4784) on hose reel cabinet and install with six flat
washers (2), three hexagon head capscrews (3), and self-locking nuts (1). Adjust hose reel frame cover
bracket (4) flush with hose reel cabinet and tighten mounting hardware.
Perform Step 7 for fuel tankers equipped with the Lombardini engine kit
7. Remove engine compartment cover, if so equipped, from right side of vehicle (TM 9-2330-356-14/TM 9-
2330- 398-24). Set engine compartment cover and mounting hardware inside for disposition.
8. For vehicle preparation and applic ation of the FTSS system, refer to Chapter 3 of this TB.
Check assembly areas for any items that could interfere with the installation of the
AOA kits, should any items be in the way; use a Plasma Cutter and/or Hand
Grinder to remove those items. Finish all exposed metal areas using a rust inhibitor
primer and paint as specified in Table 7-4, Materials and Parts. Allow for the
appropriate time for prime and paint to cure.


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