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TM 5-4240-536-10
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DO NOT place net device before a bend or other hazard in the road. Failure to comply may result in personnel
The VLAD is designed to stop suspect vehicles traveling at speed. This presents a number of significant risks. Misuse of the
system or a suspect vehicle trying to avoid being stopped can result in serious injury or even death. Since there are many sce-
nario variations that may arise (e.g., vehicle size, vehicle speed, road conditions, traffic conditions), always thoroughly assess
the situation and possible consequences. VLAD is designed to stop a vehicle in a relatively straight line. To prevent personnel
injury, ensure that the site selected is NOT before a bend or other hazard in the road. All personnel should stand clear of
deployed net. (See chart below for typical stopping distances.)
Ensure the deployment site has 300 feet (approx. 91 meters) of straight road beyond the net device. Allow 200 feet for
stopping the suspect vehicle plus an additional 100 feet as a safety zone, in case the vehicle veers or swerves to avoid the
VLAD. However, if the net is to be used during wet conditions, the area selected should have double the normal distance
of straight road beyond the net device (600 feet (approx. 182 meters)).
Since a fast moving vehicle will have a much higher chance of evading the net device, the site selected should be just after
a natural slowing feature to maximize the chance of a successful mission. Typical stopping distances for medium passen-
ger vehicles and light trucks (less than 2 tons) are as follows:
Vehicle Speed
Typical stopping distance
30 mph (48 km/h)
82 feet (25 m)
40 mph (64 km/h)
118 feet (36 m)
50 mph (80 km/h)
180 feet (55 m)
Decide whether Rapid Deployment or Lanyard Deployment will be used.
To prevent personnel injury or even death, the Vehicle Lightweight Arresting Device should not be used against
motorcycles or articulated vehicles including vehicles towing trailers.
Two people are required to lift and handle the packed VLAD carrying bag to prevent back and/or other muscular
VLAD can be carried by the two handles on the ends of the bag or by the two carrying straps.
Once a deployment site has been selected, determine the most likely direction of the threat vehicle.
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