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unless inspection discloses need for repair or replacement. For
inspection purposes, remove wheels, hubs, and brake drums as
b. Removal.
(1) Semitrailer M270A1.
(a) Position semitrailer on level surface with front end
resting on landing gear.  Jack up axle to be re-
moved high enough for removal of wheels with hy-
draulic dolly.  L i f t rear of semitrailer with hoist-
ing equipment or floor jacks under `cross tube bracket
until weight of springs has been taken off axle.
Block frame securely.
Warning: weight of semitrailer must be supported
by blocking or support stands placed under rear cor-
ners of frame throughout operation.
(b) Remove wheels and hubs from axle to be removed
(c) Disconnect hydraulic lines at fittings in wheel cyl-
inders of brake assemblies.
(d) Disconnect flexible hydraulic hose at hydraulic mas-
t e r cylinder and at hydraulic lines tee (fig. 41)
mounted on rear of axle.
(e) Disconnect two hydraulic lines at hydraulic line tee.
Remove four cap screws, lockwasher, and clips that
secure hydraulic lines to axle. Remove lines.
(f) Disconnect torque rods (par. 88a) from axle to be
(g) Move axle on hydraulic dolly to free spring from
spring guide brackets (C, fig. 57) and then out from
under semitrailer.
(2) Semitrailers M270 and M269.
(a) Follow procedures described in (1) (a) and (b)
(b) Disconnect flexible air lines at brake air chambers
(c) Follow removal procedures described in (1) (g)
c. Disassembly.
(1) Semitrailer  M270A1.
(a) Remove cap screw and lockwasher which secure hy-
draulic line tee (fig. 41) to axle and remove tee.
(b) Remove spring bearing plates (par. 87a(2)).
(c) Remove brake assemblies (par. 58b).
TACO 1321B


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