Quantcast Table III. Organizational Mechanics or Maintenance Crews C and D (cont)

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Organizational Mechanices or Maintenance Crews C and D
P r e v e n t i v e - Maintenance
AFTER  ROAD  TEST-Continued.
Leaks. Check for hydraulic oil leaks at hydraulic master
cylinder and wheel cylinders.
Lubricution-lubricate semitrailer in accordance with lu-
brication order (fig. 32). Coordinate with inspection
and disassembly operations to avoid duplication.
During lubrication, inspect tires for unusual wear, pene-
trating objects, and proper matching.
Rotate and match tires according to tread design and
degree of wear. Tighten wheel nuts.
Brake shoes-linings, links, guides, anchors, supports,
cams, hose, and chambers. Inspect brake lines and
air chambers and test linkage for freedom of action.
Open drain cock and drain water from air reservoir
(par. 61a) and air filter (fig. 45).
Wheel bearings will be disassembled, cleaned, and re-
packed in every second 6,000-mile inspection or an-
nually. If the wheel bearings are due for repacking,
remove wheels and hubs (par. 53) and examine brake
drums, shoes, linings, links, guides, anchors, supports,
return springs, and cams. Clean the spider. If the
wheel bearings are not due for repacking, inspect the
lining through the lining inspection hole in the brake
drum  (fig.  19).  Adjust  brakes  (par.  56).  If  wheels
have not been disassembled from hubs, tighten wheel
bearing adjusting nuts (par. 53c).
Hardware  frame,  attachments,  and  paint.  Inspect  these
items paying particular attention to springs. Make a
genera] inspection of the frame including stakes,
brake lines, landing gear, spare wheel and tire car-
rier, and stowage box. Examine condition of paint and
legibility of markings, and data and service plates.
Tighten spring U-bolts and rebound clips (par. 86).
Kingpin, fifth wheel upper plate. Inspect kingpin and
upper plate, Look particularly for security of mount-
ings and adequate lubrication. Tighten assembly and
mounting bolts.
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