Quantcast Painting and Identification Marking

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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
I-5. Painting and Identification Marking
a. Painting. Instructions for preparation of the material for painting, methods of paint-
ing and materials to be used are contained in TM 43-0139.
b. Identification Marking. Re-stencil the semitrailer chassis or body if the markings
are not legible.Instructions for marking are contained in TB 43-0209. The numerals
and letters are of simple block type (1-1/2 inches high) with curved lines where appli-
cable, and painted with black enamel to specification MIL-E-52798. Proceed as fol-
To prevent injury to personnel, avoid excessive inhalation of vapors. All cleaning and sten-
ciling procedures must be performed in a well-ventilated room or outdoors. A fire extin-
guisher must be positioned adjacent to the work area.
(1) Remove oil and grease from equipment.
(2) Apply paint to stencil with dabbing motion.
(3) Remove stencil and fill in spaces to provide continuous lines in the letters and numerals.
(4) Allow paint to dry for 24 hours.


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