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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
5-19. Small Patch Repair
This task covers:
Initial Setup:
Tools/Test Equipment:
General Mechanic's Tool Kit (item 1, Appendix B)
Semitrailer blocked for support.
Automotive Shop Set (item 2, Appendix B)
Paint, Primer (item 22, Appendix E)
Rivet (P/N 38-106-02-16, 3/16)
Sealant, Sikaflex (item 21, Appendix E)
Frame repair is limited to small exterior
patches. due to presence of foam insula-
tion within semitrailer interior walls,
replacement of panels is not authorized.
1. Cut aluminum alloy to .5 x 6 x6 inches
(1.27 x 15.24 x 15.24 cm).
2. Clip corners 3/8 inches at 45o angle.
3. Drill 12 holes with diameter of 1/2" at 2
inch intervals.
4. Center patch over hole in semitrialer side
5. Drill sheet using patch holes as a template.
6. Apply sikaflex sealant to back of patch.
7. Position patch on semitrailer side sheet and
secure with 12 rivets.
8. Touch up paint, as required.
Follow-on maintenance: None.


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