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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
5-8. Sleeve Bushing (cont'd)
b. Inspection
Check bushing for wear and deterioration. Replace defective bushing.
c. Installation
1. Lubricate inner surface of sleeve bushing (11) with silicone
lubricant (item 11, Appendix E) to ease installation of bushing.
2. Slide washer (12) and sleeve bushing (11) on trunnion tube (9).
3. Raise van body, with axles on jacks and push down trunnion
U-bolts (5) to allow for installation of lower hub (8).
4. Position lower hub (8) on trunnion U-bolts (5) and secure with four
nuts (7) and washers (6).
5. Tighten nuts to a torque of 880 lb-ft (1193.3 Nm) dry or 660 lb-ft (895Nm) lube.
Follow-on maintenance:
Install wheels (para. 3-4).


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