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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
5-6. Axle Assembly Maintenance (cont'd)
New axle assembly
1. Refer to Appendix G for locational
dimensions of the new spring seats.
2. Be certain spring seats fit axle properly. If
necessary, grind seats to ensure that both
seats fit properly and are horizontal and
3. Make sure that spring seats are level,
parallel, an equal distance from center of
axle and the same distance from the brake
4. Tack weld seats in place and recheck.
5. Axle should be aligned in relation to
6. Measure distance from kingpin to center line of the spindles on front axle, as shown above.
7. After aligning front axle, tighten U-bolt nuts (1) and end cap nuts (2) on that axle only.


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