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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
4-93. Unloading Procedure (XM1063 Only) (cont'd)
Ladder is heavy. Two persons are required to remove/install ladder.
6. Move K-Loader to rear until it clears area of personnel ladder stowage. Remove personnel ladder from
interior of van body and stow in brackets underneath van body.
7. Move K-Loader to rear until it clears area to rear of rear braces of lifting/loading jacks.
8. Pull lock pin from each rear lifting arm and swing each arm out approximately 180 degrees.
Reinsert pin to lock each arm in position.
To remove leveling jacks from rear of dolly, do steps 9 through 12.
9. Release pin (8) securing each crank (9) in stowage
bracket (10) on leg. Place crank in operating position.
Turn each clockwise until bottom of drop leg (7)
contacts ground to support leg only, not van body.
Return crank to stowed position and secure with pin (8).
10. Working as a team, remove six nuts (11), washers (12)
and screws (13) attaching each jack to mounting
bracket. Stow hardware in holes in brackets hardware
was removed from.
11. The rear lifting arms are located underneath van body at
each side of semitrailer, between the rear wheels.
Remove locking pin from each arm and swing arm out
approximately 180 degrees. Lock in position with
locking pin.
12. The four lifting/loading jack braces (3) are stowed on
front of dolly. Turn the two handles (2) counterclockwise
and remove two brackets (1) securing braces. Remove
the four braces (3).
Landing leg is heavy. Two persons are required to remove/install landing leg.
13. Set jacks in position as lifting/loading jacks under each
lifting arm.
14. Align jacks and insert jack guides into holes in lifting arms.
Make sure jacks are perpendicular to ground.
15. Remove four lifting braces from stowage on front of dolly.
16. Secure upper end of each lifting brace (2) to van body at tie down ring holes with OVE screws (1).


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