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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
4-92. Loading Procedure (XM1063 Only) (cont'd)
Personnel must stay clear of underside of van body until it is securely loaded on the K-Loader.
Make sure jacks do not deviate from perpendicular position. If this occurs, stop lifting operation,
reposition jacks and repeat lifting operation.
17. Working as a team, turn each crank of the lifting/loading jack clockwise to lift van body rear end
(both sides at same time) 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch from dolly. Make certain jacks do not deviate
from perpendicular position.
18. Roll dolly assembly toward rear to clear van body. Replace five nuts, washers and screws on
each side of dolly in dolly frame for future use.
19. Position front of K-Loader to rear of van body. Make sure van body skid rails are aligned with
rollers of K-loader.
20. Move K-Loader forward about three feet, stopping at rear lifting/loading jack braces. Working
as a team, turn cranks of each jack counterclockwise at same time until van body rests on K-
21. Remove hardware attaching lifting braces and remove lifting braces. Place OVE hardware
removed from tops of braces in bag. Place bag inside van body. Set aside hardware removed
from bottom of lifting braces for installation of leveling jack braces (step 24).
22. Turn lifting/loading jack cranks counterclockwise to lower jacks until guide pins on jacks clear
holes in lifting arms.
23. Pull locking pin from each lifting arm. Swing arm back to stowed position (about 180 degrees).
Reinsert locking pin to secure lifting arm in stowed position underneath van body.
Leveling jack is heavy. Two persons are required to remove/install leveling jack.
24. Reinstall jacks in position on dolly rear frame. Using the original hardware, secure jacks to mounting
bracket. Secure braces to jacks and to mounting bracket. Use hardware set aside in step 21.
25. Move K-Loader forward, stopping about two feet from rear end of personnel ladder, stowed
underneath van body.


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