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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
4-88. Care Of Equipment In Administrative Storage
a. Maintenance services
After equipment has been placed in administrative storage, suspend all regularly scheduled
preventive maintenance services and inspect and exercise as specified in this manual. Refer to DA
PAM 710-2-1.
b. Inspection
Inspection will usually be visual and must consist of at least a walk-around examination of all
equipment to note any deficiencies that may have occurred. Inspect equipment in open storage
weekly and that in covered storage monthly. Immediately after any severe storm or environmental
change, inspect all equipment. The following are examples of things to look for during visual
1. Low or flat tires
2. Leaks
3. Condition of preservatives, seals and wraps
4. Torn, frayed or split canvas covers and tops
5. Corrosion or other deterioration
6. Missing or damaged parts
7. Water in components
8. Anyotherreadilyrecognizabledeficiencies.
c. Repair during administrative storage
Keep equipment in optimum state of readiness. Accomplish required services and repairs as expeditiously
as possible. Whenever possible, perform all maintenance "on site".
d. Exercising
Perform the before, during and after operational checks in accordance with this manual. Conduct applicable
ESC inspections. Immediately take action to correct any shortcomings or deficiencies noted. Note
inspection and exercise results on DA Form 2404. Record and report maintenance actions on DA Form
2407. After exercising, restore the preservation to the original condition. Replenish fuel and oil used during
exercising and note the amount on DA Form 2408-1.
e. Rotation
To assure utilization of all assigned materiel, rotate items in accordance with rotational plan that will keep
equipment in operational condition and reduce maintenance effort.
4-89. Removal of Equipment From Administrative Storage
Activating and servicing
Resume the maintenance service schedule in effect at the beginning of storage or service the equipment before the
scheduled dates in order to produce a staggered maintenance workload.


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