Quantcast Maintenance Services, Inspection and Lubrication

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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
4-85. Maintenance Services, Inspection and Lubrication
Inspect and approve equipment prior to storage. When applicable, perform PMCS. Do not place equipment in
storage in NOT READY condition.
4-86. Corrections Of Deficiencies
Correct all shortcomings and deficiencies prior to storage or obtain a waiver from the approving authority.
4-87. Cleaning, Painting and Preservation
Clean all equipment of dirt, grease and other contaminants in accordance with applicable provisions of
this manual. Do not use vapor degreasing. Remove foreign objects that are wedged in and between dual
Do not direct water or steam under pressure against air outlets, unsealed electrical systems, fire
control instruments, upholstery or any exterior opening that will damage a component.
Remove rust and damaged paintby scraping, wire brushing, sanding or buffing. Sand to smooth finish and spot
paint as necessasry. Refer to TM 43-0139.
Air circulation under draped covers reduces deterioration from moisture and heat.
closures) authorized for the equipment. Close and secure all openings except those required for venting and draining.
Seal all openings to prevent the entry of rain, snow or dust.
To avoid damage to equipment, place a piece of barrier material (item 4,
Appendix E) between dessicant bags and metal surfaces.
Insert dessicant (item 4, Appendix E) when complete seal is required. Place equipment and provide
blocking or framing to allow ventilation and water drainage. Support cover away from item surfaces
which may rust, rot or mildew.


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