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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
4-58. Landing Gear and leveling Jack (cont'd)
Dry cleaning solvent (P-D-680) is toxic and flammable. Avoid prolonged breathing of vapors.
Avoid skin contact. Use only in a well-ventilated area. Keep away from open flame. Flash point of
solvent is 138o F (50o C).
2. Remove grease and oil with dry cleaning solvent (Item 3, Appendix E). Dry thoroughly.
c. Inspection and Replacement
1. Inspect housing for damage.
2. Check operation. Lubricate in accordance with
Appendix I, Lubrication Instructions.
3. Replace landing gear or leveling jack, if defective.
4. Check lock pin (11) and chain 12 for wear and damage.
Replace defective parts.
5. Check crank (1) for damage. If defective, replace by
removing nut (13), two washers (14) and screw (15).
6. Secure new crank with screw (15), two washers (14) and nut (13).
d. Installation
Two persons are required to remove/install landing gear or leveling jack.
One person installs self-locking nuts while the other person holds screws stationary.
1. Position landing gear or leveling jack. XM1063: Secure to mounting bracket with six nuts (8), washers
(9) and screws (10). M129A4: Secure to mounting bracket with eight nuts (8), washers (9), and
screws (10).
2. Position braces (6 and 7). Secure each brace with two scews (5), washers (4), and nuts (3).
3. Using crank (1), extend landing gear or leveling jack (2) to contact ground and support semitrailer.
Follow-on maintenance:
Remove towing vehicle or blocking equipment.


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