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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
4-54. Brake Camshaft (cont'd)
Make sure not to damage machined surface of camshaft when installing retaining ring. Equipment
failure could result.
3. Install camshaft (16) in spider (17) portion of axle assembly (1) part way. Install spacer (12) and
retaining ring (4) on camshaft.
4. Slide camshaft (16) all the way in and install spacer (12) and retaining ring (4) in position on
Follow-on maintenance:
Install brake shoes (para. 4-55).
Install hub and drum assembly (para. 4-52 (XM1063) or para. 4-53 (M129A4)).
Install wheels (para. 3-4).
Install and adjust slack adjusters (para. 4-50 (XM1063) or para. 4-51 (M129A4).


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