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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
4-54. Brake Camshaft
This task covers:
a. Removal
b. Cleaningandinspection
c. Installation
Initial Setup:
Tools/Test Equipment:
General mechanic's tool kit (item 01, Appendix B)
Jack stand under axle.
Automotive shop set (item 2, Appendix B)
Hub and drum assembly removed (para. 4-52
(XM1063) or para. 4-53 (M129A4)).
Brake shoes removed (para. 4-55)
Materials/ Supplies:
Slack adjusters removed (para. 4-50 (XM1063)
Brush (item 15, Appendix E)
or para. 4-51 (M129A4).
a. Removal
To prevent injury to personnel, place jack stand or blocking under axle.
Make sure not to damage machined surface of camshaft when removing retaining ring. Equipment
failure could result.
1. Expand retaining ring (4) and slide camshaft (16) and spacer (12) out of spider (17) (part of axle (1)).
2. Remove two seals (13). Remove bushing (15) and bushing (2), if required.


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