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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
4-48. Gladhand (Air- Coupling) (cont'd)
c. Inspection and replacement
1. Inspect gladhand body for damaged threads, cracks, dents, holes and warps.
2. Replace defective gladhand.
3. Pry out packing ring (4) and check for wear and deterioration.
4. Replace defective packing ring.
d. Packing ring installation
1. Clean packing ring groove in gladhand.
2. Partially collapse ring with fingers and insert one side of ring
flange into groove.
3. Push ring into place. Face of ring must lie flat, with no
twist or bulge.
e. Installation
1. Position gladhand and secure to body with two screws (1).
2. Secure air line to gladhand (2) with air line nut (3).


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