Quantcast Ratio Relay Valve

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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
4-45. Ratio Relay Valve
This task covers:
a. Removal
b. Cleaning
c. Inspection
d. Installation
Initial Setup:
Tools/Test Equipment:
General mechanic's tool kit (item 01, Appendix B)
Operating test performed (para. 4-43a).
Leakage test performed (para. 4-43b).
All drain cocks open (para. 4-46).
Teflon tape (item 12, Appendix E)
Brush (item 15, Appendix E)
a. Removal
1. Disconnect eight air lines (3). Tag lines with port identification.
2. Remove two elbows (4), two male connectors (5) and tee (6).
3. Remove ratio relay valve (7) by turning entire valve assembly counterclockwise.
4. Remove nipple (8).


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