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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
23. Operation In Mud and Snow
a. XM1063 only: Reduce tire pressure to 45 psi (310.28 kPa), if practical.
b. After each operation, remove snow, ice and/or mud from underneath semitrailer and hoses, lines, tubes and
electrical connections.
c. Refer to FM 21-305 for special instructions on driving hazards in snow.
d. Immediately after operation in mud or snow, thoroughly clean, inspect and lubricate semitrailer if
tactical situation permits. Refer to Appendix I for proper lubrication instructions.
2-24. Operation In Dusty or Sandy Areas
a. For emergency operations in beach and desert sands, correct tire inflation for the XM1063 is 45 psi
(310.28 kPa). For continued operation in sand, oversize balloon sand tires may be necessary. The tread
should be plain rib and the tire of round cross section.
b. Inspect, clean and lubricate frequently when operating in dusty or sandy areas. Refer to Appendix I for
proper lubrication instructions.
c. Make sure no dust or sand enters exposed mechanisms or lubrication fittings during inspections and repair
operations. Cover exposed parts with tarpaulins or other suitable cover during disassembly and assembly.
d. When beginning operation in dusty or sandy areas, remove lubricants from exposed components (such as
landing gear), if tactical situation permits. Grease and oil will cause dust and sand to accumulate and act as
an abrasive, causing rapid wear.
2-25. Operation In Salt Water Areas
a. Wash salt deposits from all equipment with fresh water. Observe the precautions in operation under humid
b. Moist and salty areas can destroy rust preventative qualities of oils and greases. When equipment is active,
exposed surfaces should be cleaned and lubricated daily. Refer to Appendix I for proper
lubrication instructions.
c. When equipment is inactive, unpainted parts should be coated with lubricating oil (item 8, Appendix E). All
covers and caps should be in place.


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