Quantcast Operating Fire Extinguisher (M129A4 Only)

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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
2-18. Operating Fire Extinguisher (M129A4 Only)
Handle charged fire extinguisher with care. To prevent serious injury to personnel, DO NOT jar
or expose to temperature above 140o F (60o C).
a. Remove fire extinguisher from mounting bracket by releasing clamp.
b. Rotate horn (3) to UP position. Break safety wire and remove safety pin
c. Squeeze trigger (2) and aim horn (3) at base of flame.
2-19. Lowering and Raising Rear Platform (M129A4 Only)
With lock pins removed, upper part of the platform will be loose. In both raising and
lowering operations, person supporting platform must exercise care to prevent injury.
Two persons are required to do this task, one
at each edge of platform.
a. Lowering Rear Platform
Remove two quick release pins (1) from two upper
attach plates (2). Lower platform (3) until it comes
to rest on chains.
b. Raising Rear Platform
Raise platform (3) so that it rests against van body.
Secure in position with two quick release pins (1) at
two upper attach plates (2).
Rear platform must be level for door to open/close


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