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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
2-15. Gladhand (Air Half-Coupling)
XM1063 and M129A4 gladhands operate in the same manner.
XM1063 gladhands are shown.
a. Lift gladhand cover (2).
b. Raise towing vehicle intervehicular air hose (1) coupling to a vertical
position and align outlet holes.
c. Rotate coupling to the horizontal locked position.
2-16. Emergency Escape Mechanism
To avoid injury to personnel, keep fingers away from
door padlock catch when operating door.
a. The rear door has a emergency escape mechanism to allow
personnel to open the door from the inside, even if the outside
handle is locked.
b. To disengage outside handle, pull out safety release pin (A)
and pull lock pin (B) out completely.
c. Turn interior door handle clockwise and open door.


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