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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
2-8. Coupling Semitrailer To Towing Vehicle
Be sure all personnel stand clear of towing vehicle and semitrailer during coupling and uncoupling
operations or serious injury may occur.
Ensure towing vehicle kingpin wedges are in place during operations on other than paved roads.
Failure to follow this warning could result in serious injury or death to personnel.
a. Slowly back towing vehicle into position. Be
sure kingpin (1) is in line with fifth wheel coupler
jaws (3).
b. Before kingpin plate (2) starts to ride the
approach ramps (4), check that kingpin plate (2)
is above the approach ramps (4).
To avoid injury to personnel or damage
to equipment, a ground guide must
assist in raising and lowering landing
gear legs
c. Adjust height as needed by using landing gear.
Make sure coupler jaws (3) are open.
d. Slowly back towing vehicle until coupler jaws
(3) engage kingpin.
Visually check coupling. You should not be able to see daylight between fifth wheel (5) and kingpin
plate (2). If light shows, lower kingpin plate, using landing gear. If coupling is not done properly,
equipment damage may result.
e . Make sure coupling is secure by inching forward. Locked, rock back and forth slowly until kingpin (1) is
locked in fifth wheel.


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