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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
1-7. Location and Description of Major Components (cont'd)
M129A4 is equipped with automatic slack adjusters. XM1063 slack
adjuster is shown.
5. Slack adjusters
Four slack adjusters (1). Each slack adjuster is splined to the
camshaft at each of the four brake assemblies.The other end of the
slack adjuster is connected to the air chamber yoke. The movement of
slack adjuster causes the camshaft to turn; thus applying the brakes.
6. Air reservoirs
M129A4 is equipped with two metal tanks. XM1063 has three metal
tanks. XM1063 is shown.
XM1063 Shown
Metal tanks are located on the dolly. The fore and aft reservoirs
store compressed air for use in the semitrailer brake system.
Each reservoir (1) is equipped with a drain cock (2) for
draining moisture and releasing air pressure.
The center air reservoir (XM1063 only) stores exhaust air
from the braking system. This will prevent water from
entering the system during fording operations.
M129A4 and XM1063 gladhands serve the same function.
XM1063 gladhands are shown.
7. Gladhand (air coupling)
Two gladhands are located at bottom left side of front of
semitrailer, on either side of the resistor box. Gladhands provide
the connections to the brake air system.
The SERVICE (blue) gladhand (1) is positioned to the
left of the resistor box. The EMERGENCY (red)
gladhand (2) is located to the right of the resistor box.
8. Gladhand covers
Gladhand covers (3) are located on front of gladhands.
Covers are spring loaded to keep dirt from entering
when system is not connected.
XM1063 Shown


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