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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
1-7 Location and Description of Major Components
The front, rear, right and left designations used in the manual designate the general areas of sides of the
semitrailer as viewed from the rear of the semitrailer, facing the front.
a. Landing Gear
Two separately operated single-speed landing gears (1). Located near front of semitrailers.
Cranks (2) are used to operate landing gear legs to raise or lower front end of semitrailer to couple and
uncouple from towing vehicle. Cranks are stowed on landing gear legs when not in use.
Landing gear is used to support semitrailer when not coupled to towing vehicle and to level front of
Landing gears are stowed on dolly frame for aircraft loading.
Landing gear on XM1063 has a release handle. Landing gear on M129A4 has a release pin.
Drop leg assemblies (3) are controlled by release handle (4). The drop leg assemblies contact the ground and can
be used in sandy, soft areas, as well as on flat, hard surfaces.


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