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TM 9-2330-331-14&P
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Brush a thin layer of GAA on the inside of the hub cap. Do not pack
the hub cap with grease. Do not coat the cap mounting flange
with grease.
7. When brake shoes are replaced, apply an even coat of lubricant between contact face
of anchor pin bushing, brake shoe area, and spider faces. Coat anchor pin completely.
Wipe off all excess grease.
Hutchens suspension does not require lubrication, but new replacement suspension hardware
(nuts/threads) should be oiled before assembly and a wet torque applied. In-service torque values
should have dry torque values applied.
1. Use common sense. If the mission/situation does not allow for after fording inspection, inspect
the semitrailer when the mission allows.
2. Apply the brakes three or four times to dry them out after fording.
3. If hubs were hot prior to fording there is a good chance water may have been sucked in
through the hub cap. If cold or warm to touch, they should be all right.
4. If hubs and seals showed any signs of leakage prior to fording they may be contaminated by
water after fording semitrailer.
5. When mission allows, carefully remove hub caps to inspect for water contamination. Gasket
must be replaced if damaged.
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