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TM 9-2330-331-14&P
0022 00
1. Keep lubricants in closed containers and store in a clean, dry place away from extreme heat. Keep
container cover clean and do not allow dust, dirt, or other foreign material to mix with lubricant. Keep
lubrication equipment clean and ready for use.
2. Maintain a record of lubrication performed and report any problems noted during lubrication. Refer to
DA PAM 738-751 for maintenance forms and procedures to record and report any findings.
Wipe excess lubricant from area of brake shoe linings to prevent
any contamination of linings. Replace all wheel end linings if one has
been contaminated with lubricant. Failure to follow this warning may
cause brakes to malfunction, resulting in serious injury or death.
Grease streaks on the outside or inside of the wheel may indicate
overpacking of the grease, an improperly installed grease seal,
damage to the axle end, loose hardware, or gasket damage.
Dispose of all hazardous material in accordance with TB 43-0244
3. Keep all external parts of equipment not requiring lubrication free of lubricants. After lubrication, wipe off
excess oil to prevent accumulation of foreign matter.
4. Refer to FM 9-207 for lubrication instructions in cold weather.
5. After fording, operation in mud, sandy, or dusty conditions, clean and inspect the points of lubrication for
fouled lubricants. Change lubricants as required.
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