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TM 9-2330-331-14&P
These instructions are MANDATORY.
1. The trailer must receive lubrication with the approved lubricants at the recommended interval in order to
be mission-ready at all times.
2. The LUBRICATION TABLE (WP 0022 00-8) lists the lubricants to be used in all temperature ranges and
shows the interval.
3. The lubrication chart (WP 0022 00-3) shows the lubrication points, names the item to be lubricated, the
required lubricants, and recommended interval for lubrication.
4. The recommended interval is based on normal conditions of operation, temperature, and humidity.
When operating under extreme conditions, the lubricants should always be changed more frequently.
When in doubt, notify your supervisor.
1. The lubrication requirements for the M872A4 Semitrailer consist of only two types of lubricant,
GAA and OE/HDO, for oil can points. Only variants of the lubricating oil are authorized due to
temperature variations.
2. All grease fittings and lubrication points should be wiped clean prior to being lubed.
3. Re-lubricate the semitrailer grease fittings if high-pressure washing is used and as soon as
possible after fording operations, especially in a salt-water environment.
4. If a padlock is used, make sure it is lubed and operational.
5. Reference TB 43-0209 for stencil identification marking and semitrailer painting.


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