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TM 9-2330-331-14&P
0014 000
1. Operator/crew PMCS is provided in Table 3 (WP 0015 00-1). Always perform PMCS in the order listed.
Once it becomes a habit, anything that is not right can be spotted quickly. PMCS is a good tool
for learning about the semitrailer. Times to perform good PMCS will decrease as you become more
familiar with its operation.
2. Before performing PMCS, read all the checks required for the applicable interval and prepare all the
tools needed. Have several clean rags handy. Perform all inspections at the applicable interval.
3. If anything wrong is discovered through PMCS, perform the appropriate troubleshooting task in WP 010 00.
If any component or system is not serviceable, or if a given service does not correct the problem, notify your
4. The column headings in Table 3 are defined as follows:
a. Item No. Provides a logical sequence for PMCS to be performed and is used as a source of item
numbers for the "TM ITEM NO" column on DA Form 2404 in recording PMCS results.
b. Interval. Specifies interval at which PMCS is to be performed.
c. Man Hour. Specifies the estimated time it takes a person to check or service.
d. Item To Be Checked or Serviced. Lists the system and common name of items that are to be
e. Procedure. Tells you how to do the required check or service.
f. Equipment Not Ready/Available If: Explains when the semitrailer is nonmission-capable (NMC).
This column tells you when and why your equipment cannot be used.
Mission requirements, urgency, safety, and common sense should be
considered in determining NMC status of the semitrailer.
Before beginning PMCS procedures, make sure prime mover is uncoupled
from trailer.
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