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TM 9-2330-331-14&P
0007 00
1. Perform all "During" PMCS in WP 0015 00-1, Table 3 while operating the semitrailer.
2. When towing the semitrailer, overall length of the unit must be kept in mind when passing other
vehicles and when turning.
3. Turning and backing operations will be affected because the towing vehicle and semitrailer are a
hinged unit. When backing, have assistant direct you. Adjust rearview mirrors before backing. When
backing, rear of semitrailer will move in opposite direction from towing vehicle's front wheels. If
wheels are turned to the right, semitrailer will go Ieft. If wheels are turned left, semitrailer will go right.
4. Always tow the semitrailer at safe speeds and note any driving irregularities.
Ensure that chock block chains are disconnected from semitrailer before
chocking wheels.
5. When parking for extended periods, set parking brakes on both towing vehicle and semitrailer. Turn
off towing vehicle engine before leaving cab. Chock semitrailer wheels.
6. If the towing vehicle and semitrailer are parked on a hill, chock wheels.
7. Refer to FM 21-305 for further information on proper driving practices.
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