Quantcast FILTERED METERED FUEL DISPENSING (Cont) - TM-9-2330-330-14-P0089

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TM 9-2330-330-14&P
Additional information on fuel sampling may be obtained from
FM 10-67-1.
Use this procedure to dispense metered fuel from
semitrailer tank to vehicle. Fuel is pumped through
filter/separator, meter and hose reel to vehicle.
Operation begins and ends with all valves closed.
a. Remove fire extinguishers (1) and bring them to the point of operation.
b. Ground and bond semitrailer per para. C (WP 0007 00-6).
Remove one or both vapor recovery system caps.
d. Start engine (para. G). When engine is warm, adjust to idle speed (10001200 rpm).
e. Pull emergency valve A control handle (3) to open position. Open valves H and M (2 and 4).
0007 00-27


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