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TM 9-2330-329-14&P
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Air circulation under draped covers reduces deterioration from
moisture and heat.
Place a piece of cloth or other material between desiccant bags
and metal surfaces.
Sunlight, heat, humidity, and dirt tend to accelerate deterioration. Install all covers (including vehicle
protection closures) authorized for the equipment. Close and secure all openings except those
required for venting and draining. Seal openings to prevent the entry of rain, snow, or dust. Insert
desiccant when complete seal is required.
Place equipment and provide blocking or framing to allow for ventilation and water drainage.
Support cover away from semitrailer surfaces that may rust, rot, or mildew.
Maintenance Services
After equipment has been placed in administrative storage, suspend all regularly scheduled preventive
maintenance checks, services, inspections, and exercise as specified in this WP.
A vehicle to be prepared for administrative storage must be given a limited technical inspection and
be processed as prescribed on DD Form 1397. Enter the result of the inspection and classification
on DA Form 2404 or DA Form 5988-E.
If a vehicle is not shipped or issued upon expiration of the administrative storage period, process as
applicable in accordance with the appropriate vehicle specification.
If a vehicle to be shipped will reach its destination within the administrative storage period, it need
not be reprocessed when removed from storage, unless necessary because of anticipated in-transit
weather conditions.
Inspection will be visual and must consist of a walk-around examination of all equipment to observe
any deficiencies that may have occurred. Inspect equipment in open storage weekly and equipment
in covered storage monthly. Immediately after any severe storm or environmental change, inspect
all equipment. The following are examples of things to look for during visual inspection:
Leaks (coolant, fuel, or oil).
Condition of preservation, seals, and wraps. Seals may develop leaks during storage
during exercise, or shortly thereafter. If leaking continues, refer to the repair procedure in
this manual.
Corrosion or other deterioration.
Damaged or missing parts.
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