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TM 9-2330 -326 -14&P
Care of the Hubdometer:
Do not stand on it, kick it or rest things like boots and
wheels on it. It will survive all those on -off road
ventures but excessive personal involvement may
shorten its life.
Do not use solvents, thinners or paints on the
Hubdometer face. If reflective glare is a problem tape
over the face except for the odometer reading so you
can check the mileage as needed.
Do not use air or electrical tools when removing or
installing it. Use only hand-tools. If it slips when you
loosen or tighten the meter lock nut put a strap
wrench around the meter to hold it.
Normally only 15 ft.lbs of torque (max) are required to
secure the lock nut, no more.
The Hubdometer will keep accurate track of the mileage on your semitrailer and offer a way to
identify when service is required and document service intervals. It does not need much in the
ways of service but it does need to be somewhat protected against damage.


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