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TM 9-2330 -326 -14&P
Back nut off 1/4 turn.
After 1/4 back-off, nut should be movable by hand.
Install the keeper, orange side facing out, by inserting the keeper square outer tab into the
undercut groove on the nut aligned with the square cut keyway groove on the spindle. Rotate
the keeper into position so that the inner keeper tang tilts into the square spindle keyway. The
teeth on the keeper will engage the teeth on the nut. Do not force the keeper into position.
Force will damage the keeper. Use only a small bladed screwdriver for installation of the
If the square inner tang does not line up with the spindle square keyway, back the nut off very
slightly until it does (no more than one tooth). This back-off will engage the keeper and nut
teeth if this did not happen in Step 6. Using a small bladed screwdriver carefully compress
and insert the keeper arms, one at a time, into the undercut groove in the nut. Again, the
orange side of the keeper MUST be facing out.
Inspect the installation to make sure that the keeper outer tab and the keeper arms are fully
seated into the undercut groove in the nut. Use the small bladed screwdriver to gently flex the
keeper arms to insure they fully engage the groove in the nut. Visually inspect the seating
and that the teeth are fully engaged in the nut teeth.
Inspect the square keeper tang to make sure it does not contact the bottom of the square
groove on the axle spindle.
Check the bearing setting by using a dial indicator to verify the bearing end play. The nut will
produce a consistent setting of between 0.001 0.003 inch (0.0250.076 mm) end play.
Keeper orange side must be fa cing out.
Only a small, bladed screwdriver is required to
move/install the orange keeper.
The orange keeper square tang must not bottom in
the spindle square keyway.
No other washers or lock rings are required for this
Orange keeper teeth must fully engage nut teeth.
If there are any installation problems or concerns please contact Stemco Customer Service at
1-800 -527-8492.


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