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TM 9-2330-326-14&P
4. Replacement Procedures
Cleanliness is most important. After removing the brake drum to be replaced, make sure all
mounting surfaces on the spoke wheel or hub are clean. All foreign material should be removed
to insure proper attachment of the brake drum.
Step 1. Assemble the brake drum to the hub.
Hubs using an outboard mount drum do not have to be
removed from the axle to facilitate brake drum replacement.
It is suggested, however, that the torque on the spindle nut be
checked to make sure it is correct.
Step 2. Make sure the brakes are fully released and adjusters are fully backed off.
Step 3. Place the assembly on the axle and adjust the bearings.
Step 4. Inspect the lining location on the brake surface.
Step 5. Adjust the brakes.
All adjustments should be made when brake drums are cold
with brakes fully released.
Standard Slack Adjusters --Raise the axle until the wheel can be turned freely. If
the slack adjuster has a positive lock mechanism, depress the locking sleeve to
disengage it. Turn the adjusting screw until the brakes begin to drag, and then
back off the adjustment so that the wheel turns freely. When adjustment is
completed, the adjusting screw nut should be positioned so the locking sleeve
engages the adjusting nut screw. In the case of the ball indent type, the ball should
engage the indent on the plunger shaft.
Automatic Slack Adjusters --Require initial manual adjustment. Consult the
manufacturer's literature for adjustment procedure.


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