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TM 9-2330-326-14&P
1910.177 Servicing multi-piece and single piece rim wheels.
(a) Scope.
Definitions (cont.).
This section applies to the servicing of multi- piece and single
Single piece rim wheel means the assemblage of the single
piece rim wheels used on large vehicles such as trucks, tractors,
piece rim wheel with the tire and other components.
trailers, buses and of f -road machines. It does not apply to the
Single piece wheel means a vehicle consisting of one part,
servicing of rim wheels used on automobiles, or on pickup trucks
designed to hold the tire on the wheel when the tire is inflated.
and vans utilizing automobile tires or truck tires designated "LT".
Trajectory means any potential path or route that a rim wheel
This section does not apply to employers and places of
component may travel during an explosive separation, or the
employment regulated under the Construction Safety Standards,
sudden release of the pressurized air, or an area at which an
29 CFR Part 1926; the Agriculture Standards, 29 CRF part 1915;
airblast from a single piece rim wheel may be released. The
or the Longshoring Standards, 29 CRF part 1916.
trajectory may deviate from paths which are perpendicular to the
All provisions of this section apply to the servicing of both single
assembled position of the rim wheel at the time of separation or
piece rim wheels and multi-piece rim wheels unless designated
explosion. (See Appendix A of this manual for examples of
(b) Definitions.
Wheel means that portion of the rim wheel which provides the
method of attachment of the assembly to the axle of a vehicle
Barriers - means a fence, wall or other structure or object placed
and also provides the means to contain the inflated portion of the
between a single piece rim wheel and an employee during tire
assembly (i.e., the tire and/or tube).
inflation, to contain the rim wheel components in the event of the
sudden release of the contained air of the single piece rim wheel.
(c) Employee training.
Charts - means the U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety
(1) The employer shall provide a program to train all employees
and Health Administration publications entitled "Demounting and
who service rim wheels in the hazards involved in serving
Mounting Procedures for Truck/Bus Tires" and "Multi-piece Rim
those rim wheels and the safety procedures to be followed.
Matching Chart," the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
The employer shall assure that no employee services
(NHTSA) publications entitled: "Demounting and Mounting Procedures
any rim wheel unless the employee has been trained and
Truck/Bus Tires" and "Multi-piece Rim Matching Chart," or any other
instructed in correct procedures of servicing the type of
poster which contains at least the same instructions safet y
wheel  being  serviced,  and  in  the  safe  operating
precautions and other information contained in the charts that is
procedures des cribed in paragraph (f) and (g) of this
applicable to the types of wheels being serviced.
Installing a rim wheel means the transfer and attachment of an
(ii) Information to be used in the training program shall
assembled rim wheel onto a vehicle axle hub. Removing means
include, at a minimum, the applicable data contained in the
the oppos ite of installing.
charts (rim manuals) and the contents of this standard.
Mounting a tire means the assembly or putting together of the
Where an employer knows or has reason to believe that any of
wheel and tire components to form a rim wheel, including inflation.
his employees is unable to read and understand the charts or
Demounting means the opposite of mounting.
rim manual, the employer shall assure that the employee is
Multi-piece rim wheel means the assemblage of a multi-piece
instructed concerning the contents of the charts and rim manual
wheel with the tire tub and other components.
in a manner which the employee is able to understand. The
employer shall assure that each employee demonstrates and
Multi-piece wheel means a vehicle wheel consisting of two or
maintains the ability to service rim wheels safety, including
more parts, one of which is a side or locking ring designed to hold the
performance of the following tasks:
tire on the wheel by interlocking components when the tire is inflated.
Demounting of tires (including deflation);
Restraining device means an apparatus such as a cage rack,
assemblage of bars and other components that will constrain all rim
Inspection and identification of the rim wheel components;
wheel components during an explosive separation of a multi-piece
Mounting of tires (including inflation with a restraining
wheel, or during the sudden release of the contained air of a single
device or other safeguard required by this section);
piece rim wheel.
Use of the restraining device or barrier, and other
Rim manual means a publication containing instructions from the
equipment required by this section;
manufacturer or other qualified organization for correct mounting,
demounting, maintenance, and safety precautions peculiar to the
Handling of rim wheels;
type of wheel being serviced.
Inflation of the tire when a single piece rim wheel is
Rim wheel means an assemblage of tire, tube and liner (where
mounted on a vehicle;
appropriate), and wheel components.
(vii) An understanding of the necessity of standing outside the
Service or servicing means the mounting and demounting of rim
trajectory both during inflation of the tire and during
wheels, and related activities such as inflating, deflating, installing,
inspection of the rim wheel following inflation and;
removing, and handling.
(viii) Installation and remov al of rim wheels.
Service area means that part of an employer's premises used for
(3) The employer shall evaluate each employee's ability to
the servicing of rim wheels, or any other place where an employee
perform these tasks and to service rim wheels safely, and
services rim wheels.
shall provide additional training as necessary to assure that
each employee maintains his or her proficiency.


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