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Disarming Introduction
The proper disposal of old spring brake chambers is a concern of commercial industry and should
be a concern of all maintenance shops. ALL retired spring brak e chambers (actuators) must be
safely disarmed before they are disposed of to prevent serious personal injury from accidental
sudden release of the high -energy spring (as much as 2700 pounds [12,010 Newtons]) in the
parking chamber.
It is recommended that the coils of the power spring be cut with an acetylene gas torch prior to
disposal. This simple procedure renders the power spring inoperable, permitting the chamber to
be safely discarded.
Reference the attached drawing with material list for fabrication of the Spring Brake Disarming
Chamber as engineered by Lear Siegler Truck Products Corporation.
Spring air brake chambers should never be rebuilt. Never
attempt to loosen or remove the housing retaining clamp(s)
bolts or repair the chamber in any way. Serious injury or death
will occur.
This disarming chamber is to be fabricated at the Direct
Support or higher Level.
An annual inspection of this disarming chamber will be
accomplished at the DOL or Depot Level QA/QC as in the
case for tire cage s.
DOL will certify inspection of the disarming chamber by
stamping or applying data plate.
There will be NO substitution of ANY materials used to
standard/locations specified on the drawing are to be used
in this fabrication. This is a safety device.
Never operate an acetylene gas torch without wearing proper
clothing and eye protection.
Disarming Instructions
Place  the  single/piggyback  or  combination/tandem  spring  brake  chamber  in  the
fabricated/inspec ted disarming chamber. Air brake chamber should be uncaged with caging
bolt removed.
Position the air brake chamber so the spring brake head can easily be accessed through the
slots in the disarming chamber. If the air brake chamber does not fit in the disarming
chamber it may be necessary to cut off the service push-rod. Close the hinged access door
of the disarming chamber and lock hasps with bolts and nuts.


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