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TM 9-2330-326-14&P
1. Prime and paint the affected area to prevent corrosion as follows: Prime, per TT-P-636 or TT-P-634.
Paint using chemical agent resistance coating (CARC) per MIL-C-46168 or MIL-C-53039.
2. Undercoat affected area completely with Carwell undercoating. DO NOT block drain holes.
3. Replace the floorboards to their original location as marked. Position the boards so the original
holes drilled can be used. Screw the boards down using new floor screws.
Follow -On Tasks.
1. Install outer wheels w/tires on front axle.
2. Attach electrical connectors, airlines, glad-hands and converter box at front of trailer.
3. Grease bolster plate and kingpin with a light coat of GAA. Do not plug front and rear drain holes with
4. Couple trailer to prime mover.
5. Retract landing gear and store chock blocks in stowage box. Secure ground boards in holding
6. Road test to insure safe operation.


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