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TM 9-2330-326-14&P
g. Corrosion Protection.
General Instructions :
To insure a long operational life for the M871A3 semitrailer the following is presented to assist
maintenance personnel. This is not meant to supersede or replace current support operations or
authorized publications.
The M871A3 production semitrailer is not undercoated at Fontaine Trailer Company prior to delivery.
Worldwide operations present many environmental impacts on the semitrailer from salt water to
ice/snow melt chemicals. Areas of conflict have their own ways of ventilating and damaging the
semitrailer. All these impacts add up to shortened operational life.
Keep the semitrailer clean, which will allow for more complete inspection of welds and components.
Use low-pressure water, cleaning detergent, and brushes for cleaning.
Flush out undercarriages, suspens ions, and wheel ends with clean low-pressure water if operating
in a salt environment, especially fording, as soon as the mission allows.
Keep debris out of wheel ends and twistlock pockets.
Annually clean deck wood and roll/spray on boiled linseed oil or a good commercial UV wood
protectorate. Apply to top areas of upper and lower deck wood.
Protect all exterior areas from rust--clean off rust, prime metal, and paint area.
Application of 10 wt. oil at oil can points as specified by LO will help protect components and insure
they will work when needed.
Keep bolster plate drain holes free of grease and debris so they drain/air out freely to prevent interior
Corrosion Protection:
If undercoating has worn off or damage/repair has taken it off the undercarriage, frame, fillets, gussets,
or any other protected area, re-coat with the following:
Rust Inhibitor:
NSN 8030-01-414-7423 .................. (12) 16 oz. (473 mL) bottles
NSN 8030-01-414-8947 ..............................5 gallon (18.9 L) container
NSN 8030-01-414-7430.......................... 55 gallon (208.2 L) drum
NSN 8030-01-414-1413  ..........................55 gallon (208.2 L) drum with
applicator and instruction video
Kingpin and Bolster Plate:
If the kingpin is replaced, inspect the interior structure for rust. Clean and protect the interior with rust
inhibitor; do not pug up bolster plate drain holes. Make sure all welds are protected inside and out.
Inspect the kingpin and bolster plate in accordance with PMCS requirements.
Protection Scheduling:
It is a good idea to periodically take a look at the undercoating, especially after off-road operations. The
following is suggested:
Monthy --Examine the condition of the undercoating.
Annually--Reapply the rust inhibitor to insure the semitrailer is protected.
If operating in a salt or road chemical environment, you should inspect/protect these areas as soon as


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