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TM 9-2320-279-10-3
Operation Under Unusual Conditions (Cont)
If performing Foam System Operation, make sure TANK
FILL and RE-CIRCULATING LINE valve control is
closed and PUMP COOLER valve is in OPEN position.
Perform desired discharge operation:
For "Pumping from Onboard Water Tank"
Procedures (para 2-117).
For "Pump and Roll" Procedures (para 2-119).
For "Foam System Operations"
(para 2-124 and 2-125).
Complete mission.
Once mission is complete, make sure onboard water tank is
empty. Stopping and starting pumping operations may allow
water to freeze, causing damage to equipment. If water tank
is not emptied, exposed components may freeze, causing
damage to equipment.
Heaters in onboard water tank will automatically shut OFF
when water level decreases to approximately 1/4 tank (below
tank heater probes). Completely pump out all water from
tank to prevent water from freezing.
Pump out or discharge water until water tank is empty.


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