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TM 9-2320-279-10-3
Operation Under Unusual Conditions (Cont)
Watch cab instrument panel and pump operators panel
closely. If there are any unusual readings, check as soon as
All snow and ice should be removed from vehicle as soon as
possible. Snow and ice may slow or stop movement of critical
parts if allowed to pile up.
Special care must be used during operations in extreme cold
environment. In extreme cold, water can freeze almost
instantly if not circulating. Hoses, plumbing, fittings, pipes,
pumps, tanks, turrets, nozzles, drains, etc., can freeze and
crack. Foam concentrate may get thick and stiff. Rubber may
crack or break easily.
TFFT has been designed to withstand temperatures down to
(-25F [-32C]) for a period no longer than two hours. If either
of these limits are exceeded, damage to equipment may
During cold weather operations below (+20F [-7C]), Class A
foam agent or Class B foam agent rated for at least
(-20F [-29C]) must be used. Failure to comply may result in
damage to equipment.
TFFT must be kept in a protective environment (above +55F
[13C]) when water is present in water tank and lines. Only
store TFFT in an unprotected environment with
temperatures below (+32F [0C]) if water system has been
completely drained and blown out, and foam system has been
completely drained. Failure to comply may result in damage
to equipment.
In cold weather, valves and drain may become frozen. Do not
force valves and drains open or closed. It may be necessary to
thaw valves and drains before attempting to open or close.
Failure to comply may result in damage to equipment.


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